Maine-Anjou Breeders:
DeRouchey Cattle Company would like to share with you an important decision in
the future direction of our cattle operation. Our family has spent almost 40 years
solely devoted to breeding purebred livestock. During the past 15 years we have
developed a powerful Maine-Anjou cowherd and herd bull battery.
  This has been accomplished by the use of AI, embryo transfer, performance data collection, carcass information, EPDs and GeneStar testing. Over this period of time we have fulfilled many career goals and most importantly have made lifelong friends. 

Recently we were approached with an opportunity to sell our herd in its entirety. In order to slow down from the time and energy demands of our business, we felt that this was the right decision for us. Steve Robinson, owner of Bushy Park Farm and Cattle Company, Highland, Md., has purchased the DeRouchey Cattle Company cowherd, bull battery, semen and embryo inventory. The continuation of the genetic inventory assembled by DeRouchey Cattle Company remaining in one herd will allow for those utilizing our genetics to continue to have a single source for future genetic selection.

Our outstanding 2006 calf crop was accepted by Maine-Anjou customers in over 30 states. We definitely feel our 2007 calf crop is looking even more promising. We will be marketing the 2007 heifer calf crop similar as in the past, through our Mitchell, S.D., location throughout the upcoming summer and fall. In addition, the 2007 bull crop will be merchandised through a production sale to be held on February 16th, 2008 in Mitchell, S.D. DeRouchey Cattle Company and their herdsmen will remain as marketing and genetic consultants.

Success can never be accomplished alone. We have been blessed to be surrounded by GREAT PEOPLE and GREAT CATTLE. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our family, friends and dedicated herdsmen. We are grateful to all breeders, commercial producers and youth livestock enthusiasts for their friendship and confidence in our breeding program.

Please join us in welcoming Steve Robinson to the Maine-Anjou breed and watch for Bushy Park Farm and Cattle Company at the upcoming fall and winter major shows. We have great confidence that Steve will further develop the genetic base already established to improve the quality of the Maine-Anjou breed. We look forward to visiting about the 2007 calf crop and introducing you to Bushy Park Farm and Cattle Company.

Fred and Joan DeRouchey

Steve Robinson owner
of Bushy Park Farm and
Cattle Company